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JJ Foundry Consulting hasn’t got a long history yet, as it’s only been established on Feb 8th 2023 by me, but on the flip side one can undoubtedly admit that we have already managed to gain a wide recognition in the foundry field over many years. The Department of Foundry Engineering at the Silesian University of Technology became the place where I took my first steps starting my MA degree back in 1996 where I had an opportunity to learn and gain my experience at the subject of Technology and Foundry Management. It was then, when the idea of setting up my own company in this particular field got its roots from and since that time it has crystalised even further – Ph.D studies and becoming a Doctor of Science, a tenure-track assistant professor, postdoctoral studies to finally become a University professor up to now.

Taking the initiative to pursue one’s dreams and make them happen is not always as easy as it looks for an ordinary person. Not only does one need to be determined and motivated but also what it takes to make that move is this external friendly voice of encouragement that pushes one to make a move. This is why, ever since the initial concept to the very beginning of the company I have been cooperating with young but nevertheless very experienced friends of mine Malwina and Rafał Dojka. They are also the alumni of the Department of Foundry Engineering and Doctors of Science. We are happy to share our achievements and experience in brief in order to convince you that in case you were looking for support you should look no further. You have reached the right place.  ⇩ MORE

We are pleased to invite you to cooperate and create our own future as well as the future of JJ Foundry Consulting together.

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JJ Foundry Consulting
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