Applications for funding

Are you keen on getting a grant from the local council and/or the European Union, but you have no idea how to do it and where to begin? Why don’t you get in touch with us and we will:

  • find an appropriate assistance programme tailor-made for your company
  • put forward a subject of a project which will be the core for writing an application for funding after we have diagnosed the needs of your company and your own
  • elaborate on the contemporary state of the art within the field of your interest in order to underline potential research and development aspects for your future application
  • provide a content-related supervision over your company’s engineers while writing an application for funding
  • help you to find an experienced and efficient consulting company which will be responsible for administrative as well as formal side of your application form, and also we will give you a helping hand in bilateral contacts
  • prepare your engineers for the expert panel meeting and support them in constructing the answers to their questions or any doubts which may occur through the assessment process
  • do our best to help and find appropriate work partners for creating B+R application form as well as additional staff in case your R & D department was in need for some
  • support you in contact with material and service providers all along the project time
  • assist you in writing regular reports as well as the final one on the accomplishments of your project

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So, if you are still unsure if a particular grant for your company is within your reach, contact us and we will persuade you to give it a shot!

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