Independent consultations

Can you think of a single day in your foundry without e.g. a sales engineer, sales rep or a process engineer, you name it, who is willing to persuade you to get into a particular business with them? Your answer is negative? What is more, let me tell you that our company is also in a way one of the firms that are hoping to convince you to start cooperating with us. If you are still confused and cannot decide who to enter a business relationship with, why don’t you get in touch with us and we will:

  • explain to you what we think of the offer in terms of your company’s requirements. You can trust us! We are really knowledgeable about our field and even if there is something new in the market we shall look into it and investigate the matter for you providing you with decent recommendations;
  • take part in meetings with the company reps or suppliers that provide products and technologies on your behalf ;
  • help you to arrange cost and time effective trials, tests, pilot experiments etc. to check the usability of the new products and technologies for your company;
  • find new and alternative suppliers for your company in both Poland or abroad;
  • make expertise in writing having carried out all the necessary research of the suggested materials by the suppliers beforehand and we will present the results in a clear and coherent way to you;
  • show you the alternative ways of different suppliers as opposed to the most credible sales rep that may visit your sales department in your company;

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It is not easy to find a happy medium that would lead to a successful business these days. This is why it is really important that you enter a business relationship with responsible and trustworthy consultants such as we are. Doing so, you can be certain that you need to look no further into trying to find this perfect solution for your own business instead of risking a chance of being lied to by one of the unknown persons by the side of your company’s door.

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