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JJ Foundry Consulting has been created by the professor of the Department of Foundry Engineering at the Silesian University of Engineering in conjunction with the one up and coming doctor of science thus it is relevant to mention that we both derive from the scientific and research background. Over numerous years while working at the university or research and development labs we have cooperated and given birth to numerous captivating and innovative technical solutions. We wish to facilitate and promote their commercialization with respect to their authors’ and property rights of all the individuals and institutions as well as the coauthors and co-owners. Among other things we offer:

  • an innovative solution facilitating the making of casting moulds through a contact process which has been applied for patent under the application no. P.443671 ‘Contact pouring adapter’. It allows for the casting moulds to be made protecting a gating system from an excessive air intake at the same time. Although it is simple in its form, unlike it’s more intricate and expensive patent-holding or other registered solutions, it is infallible and flawless.
  • a unique and patented device for describing the properties of carbon materials through measuring their specific resistance which has been applied for patent under the application no. 227630 ‘ The way and system for carbon materials specific resistance measuring’. This particular device is currently being commercialised in conjunction with a leading producer of measuring devices for casting and other related fields in and outside of Poland. The research which is carried out for the accomplished American supplier of innovative carbon materials (including nanomaterials on the basis of graphene), and for the biggest iron casting producers in Poland (research for carburizers for cast-iron) has fully confirmed its usefulness and measuring methods.
  • a modified flowability (fluidity, castability) measuring method which gives unprecedented results and contributes to the process of gating systems design. It is based on a patented solution ‘Tester for a variable circuit test of castability of liquid alloys‘ under the patent no. 235863. It is a result of our thorough research projects of gating systems which we have been conducting over numerous years.
  • so called ‘lance’ to blow powder inside liquid alloys under the patent no. 206465. Among its other extraordinary qualities, it enables an insertion of powder under the liquid alloy surface (and not only) without the excessive amount of gas which comes with it at the same time.
  • a possibility to make the casting of ductile iron with much higher qualities in comparison to the standard ones based on ‘know how’ under two patent applications numbers: P.443934 „ Ductile iron with the higher elongation value” (grades GJS-700-4 and GJS-600-6) and P.443935 „Ductile iron with the higher tensile strength” (grades GJS-750-2 and GJS-650-3).
  • implementing a theory of optimized gating systems called „slim” during a fruitful partnership between Ph. D. Rafał Dojka and Prof. Jan Jezierski which has been widely promoted by the indisputable world class authority in the field professor John Campbell. We offer a full range of implementation of the so called „Campbell approach” in terms of opportunity evaluation, the purposefulness of its implementation, and the project results assessment. Our hands-on experience in this field has proven explicitly that it’s well worth it!
  • cooperation in implementation of the solutions of other entities, names of which you may find under „Our partners”. If you wish to start cooperating with any particular firm from the list that we are partners with, we will assist you and table a three-sided meeting as well as help you implement your project and assess its outcomes.

innowacyjne rozwiazania techniczne odlewnictwo
odlewnictwo - innowacyjne rozwiazania techniczne   odlewnictwo - innowacyjne rozwiazania techniczne
odlewnictwo - innowacyjne rozwiazania techniczne   odlewnictwo - innowacyjne rozwiazania techniczne
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