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If you had a chance to spend a couple of working hours in a foundry, you can probably tell that it is rare to have two days that look-alike. A foundry is a remarkably dynamic production site. Once you have managed to solve one problem, a couple of different quality ones are lurking from around the corner waiting to be solved.
Defects of castings? Does it ring a bell? This is one of the worst issues that many foundries have to deal with. As far as I am concerned, there are three simple steps to have the job done:

  • find a defect of casting (foundry is the best place to reveal it before legal steps with complaints will be taken)
  • discover what causes the defect of a casting;
  • eliminate the confirmed reasons for defects.

Easy? It is easier said than done, I am afraid, as we all know that a single defect can be caused by various factors and one issue can be nothing less than a ripple effect. It could look innocent at first, but digging deeper you realise it is more complicated than it seems. You are running out of time and ideas and the problem keeps popping up left right and centre. Take it easy and contact us and we will:

  • thanks to the ‘walk the process’ method we shall go from the geometry of a casting through the technology of a casting mould to the metallurgical processes and so on until we come across what you have possibly omitted due to the busy schedule of a daily work of an engineer;
  • go through the importance of the given defects taking the quality balance of the foundry on the whole into account. You would not believe it how many companies cannot assess the impact and importance of particular defects on the quality success as well as the economic one;
  • describe the causes behind the defects and eliminate them by using statistical tools and some experiments with your help which in turn will bring quality benefit for the future;
  • support you in the process of introducing some changes in technology of certain castings so that the production will remain unhindered;
  • assess the quality and quantity of the enforced changes explicitly.

dorazna pomoc w rozwiazywaniu problemu jakosci

Look no further and stop making excuses that you are short of time for this or that. If you do, indeed, run out of time but still struggle with unsolved quality problems, why don’t you contact us and we shall definitely have time to face them!

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