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The key element of progress is a constant growth. It requires to implement new and up-and-coming solutions in the market, and in order to do so one needs to be aware of these changes and know who generates them. Moreover, one should be capable of recognising their own needs and the ways to meet them through the solutions suggested by the suppliers. The bigger a foundry the easier it is to cope with these issues as they are generally supported by trained and specialised sales departments whereas smaller and local businesses find it difficult and usually struggle with them. On the other hand, there are foundry clients or cast recipients who very often do not have field-related qualified staff in their purchasing departments in order to talk to the foundry representatives on the technical basis.

On such particular an occasion, our company may come to the rescue supporting either of the negotiating party:

  • we visit your facility in order to diagnose the needs depending on which side of the negotiating table you stand. If you work for a foundry – we may advise you on how to clarify the nature of the casts so that your recipients understand that the matter is in the quality control of a single cast not its exact representation. If, on the other hand, you are a recipient of casting, we will do our best to help you not to feel disadvantaged when discussing technical matters in detail. We will be a translator between both parties so that the talks would end up in a win-win situation.
  • we help you find an optimal technical solutions for your foundry without discriminating the solutions of any particular suppliers due to the fact that we work independently and objectively. Our job will be to show you the advantages and disadvantages of particular technologies and materials that we are familiar with.
  • thanks to us you will be up to date with the latest trends in the foundry market and yet again we wish to underline the fact that we do not intend to work in favour of any particular technology, material or supplier. We are impartial and if we are uncertain about something we shall investigate the market and present you with different options.
  • we are there for you to find the best casting supplier according to the significant criteria from the point of view of the production site of your company.
  • we will support you along the process of phasing in a new material or technology making sure that all the tests as well as the pre-implementation trials are promising and thanks to them you will be sure of your company’s potential future growth. Not only will we answer tricky questions but we will also question varies ways of dealing with certain matters in order to find the best solutions, optimal measures and resources.
  • in case of troublesome situations dealing with a complaint or commercial dispute for instance, taking your side we will consider every option to protect you, and we will do our utmost to make you win it or face the least possible consequences if otherwise. You should not resign of taking action just because you are unsure if you are right or not.

Wsparcie w kontaktach odlewnia klienci odlewnictwo

Bear in mind please that even if you can negotiate and you are good at interpersonal soft skills, but you lack thorough knowledge in the casting business it may be difficult for you to achieve success.

We have what you need - knowledge and experience, and above all we have the undeniable awareness of the field we work in.
We invite you to cooperate with us!

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