Professional development support

He who fails to develop, stands still, and as a matter of fact he may actually regress. Dont let that happen to you or your company! If you or your co-workers wish to develop professionally, but you are not quite sure which path to take, we are happy to show you the right way.

Contact us and we’ll arrange a meeting to:

  • show you your career path possibilities in a formal or less formal way;
  • look for a handler/mentor/supervisor or we will become one alongside your future career path;
  • assist you to successfully complete your engineer/BA/MA/Ph.D./etc. dissertation, but don’t be mistaken into thinking that we would carry out your work for you as we do not do such things;
  • provide support in terms of consultations, tuitions or so called crash courses, namely – you ask and we explain. We are ready to find the best and most satisfactory respond to your queries as soon as possible;
  • compile all necessary documents/ applications/ entries, you name it… basically all of these brain-busting paper forms that stop you from starting. We deal with such forms on daily basis (unfortunately) so why wouldn’t we do it for you?;
  • help you make multimedia slide shows, reports or summaries, and what’s more, we will train you in various technical or science-related issues. We are really cut out for such things!

wsparcie w rozwoju zawodowym

We are not going to learn anything for you or gain any particular skills, but what is more important we are going to be there for you all the way through.
Don’t put a pin in your personal career development!

♦ Foundry - Professional development support ♦
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