Technology optimization

Too many scrapped castings? A constant problem with the lack of the quality of the casting? A great number of variables throughout the whole process is causing information overload? These issues may be caused by technological errors.

Frequently, the quality problems could be easy to solve but the amount of work and routine could overshadow the simplest option. Moreover, urgent deadlines and the immense amount of work that the whole team of technologists are responsible for make it impossible for them to resolve an issue by trial and error. Unfortunately, it is not always enough. Why don’t you get in touch with us instead, and we will:

  • carry out an audit of any chosen processes/products
  • compare and contrast all the existing process data as well as run our own research and analysis in order to broaden our knowledge about the processes
  • find out the potential reasons of defected and imperfect castings
  • put forward solutions working hand in hand with your engineers
  • help you modify the technology, offer support in framing technological documents and supervise their implementation.

optymalizacja technologii odlewniczych

No need to be ashamed that your engineers are unable to find solutions to certain quality issues. Perhaps they simply lack some time in gaining and broadening their knowledge in some fields in which we are more up to date with and we may give you a helping hand.
Contact us, and it will be our pleasure to use our experience and understanding in order to optimize the technology of your castings.

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